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EMWA conference in Frankfurt

Last week I went to the EMWA conference in Frankfurt, which once again was very successful and a lot of fun. I was teaching two workshops this time, including a brand new one on statistical analysis of binary data. To my surprise, the workshop sold out very soon after conference registration opened. This is unusual for a new workshop (as workshops are not eligible for EMWA professional development credit the first time they are run) and, let's face it, statistical analysis of binary data doesn't exactly sound very sexy.

I think this is probably because there is huge demand among medical writers to improve their understanding of statistical techniques. Writing about statistics is probably one of the hardest bits of medical writing, and I suspect that the popularity of the course had something to do with that demand for statistical training. I had discussions with quite a few people about other statistical workshops that EMWA should be providing, and I suspect that it won't be too long before I have been talked into developing more statistical workshops for EMWA. That's no bad thing. If I can do my little bit to improve the average quality of medical writing in Europe, then that's something I shall feel good about.

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