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How do we find our clients?

People often ask me how Dianthus Medical finds its clients. Truth is, we find clients through various different ways, but I just want to write here about one way in which we definitely don't find our clients.

I've been getting a lot of phone calls recently from people who claim that they are representing senior executives in pharmaceutical companies and have been given the task of finding medical writing, clinical data management, or statistics providers. All I have to do to meet these people who are so eager to use our services is to turn up to a meeting, organised by the person calling me, and pay them a big fat juicy fee.

No thanks.

Apart from the fact that we have a strict policy here of never buying anything in response to cold calling (which, incidentally, is stated quite clearly on our contact details page, so anyone trying to sell us something by cold calling clearly hasn't done their research very well),  I really can't believe that anyone in a pharmaceutical company who was seriously interested in using our services would actually go about finding suppliers in this way (presumably they'd end up with only those suppliers who were desperate, gullible, or both).

If anyone knows any more about this intriguing little phenomenon, which I strongly suspect is some kind of scam, then please feel free to leave a comment using the form below.

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