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A sad day for British politics

Yesterday's European election results were, on one level, a lot of fun. Our useless waste-of-space government, led by the incompetent Gordon Brown, suffered one of their worst election defeats ever. That's a good thing, although sadly our government is so out of touch with reality they will no doubt ignore the huge message that the British electorate have just sent them and  continue to lurch from crisis to crisis until we finally have the opportunity to get rid of them at the next general election in about a year's time.

However, despite that, the results have made me deeply ashamed to be British. The UK has, for the first time, elected members of the British National Party (and 2 of them at that) to the European Parliament. That is something I find extremely depressing. The BNP will say that they are a legitimate political party. Technically, they are, although I really don't understand what loophole in the law they have exploited so that they can remain one. They are racist scumbags. This is not just my opinion, it's written in their constitution. Non-white persons are specifically banned from joining the party. In most walks of life, that would be illegal, and rightly so. Their policies are equally racist and despicable. I simply don't understand why it's legal for a political party to be so overtly racist, but it appears that it is, and it is terribly sad that so many British people are willing to vote for them.

I really hope that this will act as a wake-up call to our 3 main political parties that they really need to get their act together and start looking like they're capable of running the country, before more British voters turn to neo-Nazi extremists.

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